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Frozen Fire for bass trombone and strings (2002)
Duration ca. 9'
bass trombone soloist, 3 string ensembles: (or multiple strings)

Written for bass trombonist David Krosschell

Frozen Fire (excerpt)

Program Notes

This piece is basically a miniature concerto for bass trombone and three string quartets. The trombone, the string quartets and the individual players within the quartets play many textural roles. The strings are sometimes treated as soloists, as quartets, as a certain other string group, and as one string ensemble. The bass trombonist is a soloist, part of the ensemble(s), and in the background at different times. The work has two clear contrasting sections that can be considered different movements. The first section is rather dry and contains slow harmonic rhythm. The second section is more active and contains sparse jagged melodic gestures. The piece ends abruptly after a jittery trombone cadenza.



May 27, 2004, Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble
Gilbert Galindo, conductor
Regenstein Recital Hall
Evanston, Illinois


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