Sound check before the June 24, 2016 "Perpetual Chant" concert of Gilbert Galindo's chamber music from 2008-2016 at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music. L-R: Markus Kaitila, Eric Allen, Thomas Piercy, Jessica Park, Sasha Petrin, Liuh-Wen Ting, Kate Dillingham
"Don't Feel Bad for Me" at the Tenri Cultural Institute, May 27, 2016 Random Access Music concert. L-R: Seth Gilman, Thomas Piercy, Sabina Torosjan, Nadav Lev
Gilbert Galindo giving a talk before the premiere of "A Path Out of Chaos" in March 2011.
Cadillac Moon Ensemble at dress rehearsal before a performance of "Blind Arrogance" at Greenwich House in the West Village, May 2012.
Clarinetist Thomas Piercy and Gilbert Galindo after the premiere of "Lost in the Caves" at the American Composers Alliance Festival of New Music at Symphony Space in New York, June 2009.
After the ensemble mise-en premiere of "Ampelmännchen Stroll" (2015) for sextet
Sketches for "Don't Feel Bad for Me" for baritone, clarinet, violin, and guitar
During a performance by the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble of "Divergent Escape" in Aullivar, France.
Seth Woods at a soundcheck before a performance of "Cantiqum Antiquum" at the DiMenna Center in New York, November 2012.
Scores of the music for the June 24, 2016 "Perpetual Chant" concert of the chamber music of Gilbert Galindo.
At an August Read Thomas master class from the student days at Northwestern, 2003.
Gilbert Galindo and President Emeritus Ralph Jackson at a Chamber Music America and BMI reception in January 2015.
Miko trying to write a symphony.
Rehearsal of "Echoes of the Divine" June 2016. L-R: Markus Kaitila, Jessica Park, Kate Dillingham, Liuh-Wen Ting
The participants and mentors of the inaugural Cortona Music Sessions in Cortona, Italy, June 2010.
With the ai ensemble (Alejandro Acierto, clarinet & Isabel Castellvi, cello) and Sarah Ritch after a performance of "Pico" for bass clarinet and 'cello in December 2007.
Clarinetist Thomas Piercy, pianist Taka Kigawa, and Gilbert after the premiere of "He rescued them in their peril" at the Tenri Cultural Institute, October 2015.
Random Access Music composers after a concert at Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village, October 2014.
Composer Wang Jie, pianist Amir Khosrowpour, and Gilbert after a RAM concert.
Pianist Kathleen Supové and Gilbert with Tom Piercy practicing at the RAM Benefit Concert in September 2015.
Poet Gold, Guy Barash, Seth Gilman, Nadav Lev, and Gilbert after a performance of "Don't Feel Bad for Me" at the Tenri Cultural Institute, May 2016.
Manuscript: the end of "Praise by Your Being" (2016) for string quartet