Orchestral & Concert Band | Large Ensemble | Small Ensemble | Vocal | Solo

Scores and parts available from Cuicatl Publications. Click on the links below for score samples, audio, and more information about the piece. 

Orchestral & Concert Band

Clarion Horizons for orchestra (2006/2007)
Duration ca. 10' timp. 3 perc. hp. str.

Sounding Herald for concert band (2016)
Duration ca. 7'
Written for the Odessa High School Broncho Band

Large Ensemble, without voice (6 - 15 players)

Ampelmännchen Stroll for flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, & bass (2015)
Duration ca. 10'
Written for ensemble mise-en

Entangled Chant for six players (2008)
Duration ca. 9'
Written for Ensemble Dal Niente

Frozen Fire for bass trombone and strings (2002)
Duration ca. 9'
bass trombone soloist, string ensembles: (or multiple strings)

Small Ensemble, without voice (2 - 5 players)
Quintets | Quartets | Trios | Duos

    Quintets (without piano)

        Hope for a New Era for brass quintet (2012)
        Duration ca. 9'
        Written for the Obsidian Brass Quintet
    Piano Quintets

        Perpetual Drive for pierrot ensemble (2013)
        Duration ca. 12'
        Written for Lost Dog New Music Ensmble

    Quartets (without piano)

        Divergent Escape for clarinet, saxophone, violin, and 'cello (2009)
        Duration ca. 6'
        Written for the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble

        Blind Arrogance for flute, violin, 'cello, and percussion (2012)
        Duration ca. 11'
        Written for the Cadillac Moon Ensemble

        Praise by Your Being for string quartet (2016)
        Duration ca. 18'
        Written for the RAM Players String Quartet

        Tierra Magnifica for viol consort (2013)
        Duration ca. 7'
        Written for Parthenia

        Wondrous Freedom for saxophone quartet (2012)
        Duration ca. 4'
        Written for the New Thread Quartet

    Piano Quartets

        Echoes of the Divine for piano quartet (2015)
        Duration ca. 12'
        Written for the RAM Players

        Secret Nights for clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano (2011)
        Duration ca. 9'
        Written for the Gotham Ensemble

    Trios (without piano)

        I break and dissolve any and all curses for harp trio (2014)
        Duration ca. 9'
        Written for Trio Kavak

    Piano Trios

        A Path Out of Chaos for violin, bassoon, and piano (2010)
        Duration ca. 10'
        Written for the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble

        Imagined Passions for piano trio (2011)
        Duration ca. 11'
        Written for the Southwest Trio

        Not the light, but the fire that burns for 2 percussion and piano (2015, rev. 2017)
        Duration ca. 12'
        Written for Iktus Percussion

        Three Episodes for clarinet, violoncello, and piano (2006)
        Duration ca. 9'

    Duos (without piano)

        Altered Orbit for trombone and percussion (2008)
        Duration ca. 7'

        Living Oblivion for violin and 'cello (2009)
        Duration ca. 7'
        Written for Joshua Modney and Isabel Castellvi

    Instrument With Piano

        Almost within reach... for violoncello and piano (2013)
        Duration ca. 8'
        Written for Kate Dillingham and Amir Khosrowpour

        He rescued them in their peril for clarinet and piano (2014)
        Duration ca. 15'
        Written for Thomas Piercy

        Pause - for a moment for piccolo and piano (2010)
        Duration ca. 4'
        Written for the Cortona Sessions for New Music

        Resolve for violin and piano (2010)
        Duration ca. 10'
        Written for J. Austin Wulliman

        The wind blows where it wills for trumpet and piano (2017)
        Duration ca. 5'
        Written for Random Access Music


A Nice Winter Morning for tenor voice and piano (2002)
Duration ca. 8'

Don't Feel Bad for Me for baritone, guitar, violin, and clarinet (2016)
Text by Bettina "Gold" Wilkerson
Duration ca. 10'
Written for the RAM Players

Rigid Bodies for 3 voices and 'cello (2013)
Duration. ca. 4'
Written for the Rhymes With Opera Chamber Workshop

Two Nahua Songs for soprano and piano (2005)
Duration ca. 4'

Xochitl Cuicatl: Aztec Flower Songs for tenor and piano (2007)
Duration 12'
Commissioned by Duo Petrarca


My Soul Waits for piano solo (2016) 
Duration ca. 7'
Written for Random Access Music

Canticum Antiquum for solo violoncello and electronic processed sound (2011)
Duration ca. 9'
Written for cellist Seth Woods

Lost in the Caves for amplified solo bass clarinet (2008)
Duration ca. 9'
Written for clarinetist Gareth Davis

Nightly Wanderings, miniatures for piano solo (2003)
Duration ca. 10'
Written for pianist Wei-Han Wu
"Joined for duos by pianist Amir Khosrowpour, Dillingham digs in to Gilbert Galindo's Almost Within Reach relishing its passionate long breathed melodies and altissimo register cries." - Christian Carey

"From the first chord in the opener, Almost Within Reach, by Gilbert Galindo, you're hearing exactly the kind of resonant quandary that Dillingham's canny curation offer you." - Porter Anderson, Thought Catalog

Recording: Almost within reach... for 'cello & piano
Artists: Kate Dillingham, cello; Amir Khosrowpour, piano
Album: CROSSINGS: New Music for Cello 
Label: New Focus Recordings 
Released: February 10, 2015 
Available: iTunesAmazonSpotify, & more