AMPELMÄNNCHEN STROLL (2015) for sextet

Duration: ca. 11'
Instrumentation: fl, cl, tbn, pno, vn, cb

Ampelmännchen Stroll for sextet
      Score excerpt:                                          Score excerpt (ending):

        Audio excerpt                                          Audio excerpt (ending)
            (Full live recording on SoundCloud)

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Program Note

For anyone who has been to Berlin, Germany, you will immediately notice the “ampelmännchen” crosswalk figures - the cartoonish, cute, cheerful figures that indicate when you are to cross the street or not. Last spring [2015] I wondered what music could accompany the ampelmännchen character. I had been asked by Moon Young-Ha to write a piece for an enticing and fun combination of flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, and bass for ensemble mise-en and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to write music for the ampelmännchen. Channeling Stravinsky, jazz, and my idea of walking music that is not without its bumps along the road, I set to work and produced “Amapelmännchen Stroll.”

Ampelmänchen Stroll was written in 2015 for ensemble mise-en.  - Gilbert Galindo


Wednesday, May 25, 2016
CONNECTIONS: Austria-America
ensemble mise-en
Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, New York

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