BLIND ARROGANCE (2012) for flute, violin, violoncello, & percussion

Duration: ca. 11'
Instrumentation: fl, vl, vc, perc (bongos, siz cym, sus cym, conga, vib)

Blind Arrogance for for flute, violin, violoncello, & percussion
         I. Lament for the Spirit          II. Heartless Invaders           III. Echoes of War                             
         Score excerpt:                                     Score excerpt:                                    Score excerpt:                                   

           Audio excerpt                                      Audio excerpt                                      Audio excerpt
            (Full live recording on SoundCloud)

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Program Note

​Blind Arrogance was written in 2012 for the Cadillac Moon Ensemble.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Random Access Music and the Cadillac Moon Ensemble: "Lucky Number Generator"
Gershwin Hotel, New York City, New York
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Scores and parts available from Cuicatl Publications.