NOT THE LIGHT, BUT THE FIRE THAT BURNS (2015, rev. 2017) for 2 percussion and piano

Duration: ca. 13'
Instrumentation: 2 perc (sus cym, ch gong, tam, glock, trg, t-t, np gong, vib), pno

Not the light, but the fire that burns for 2 percussion and piano
            Score excerpt, part 1:                      Score excerpt, Part 2:                      Score excerpt, Part 3                                 

            Audio excerpt, Part 1                       Audio excerpt, Part 2                      Audio excerpt, Part 3           
        (Full live recording on SoundCloud)

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Program Note

​Sometimes a shimmering glow is not enough to keep one satisfied and content, sometimes the source of that illumination is what one needs. Not the light, but the fire that burns aims to give the listener a journey through varying intensities of energy, from an effervescent buoyant opening, to low piano and dark gong soundings evocative of deep longings, to a relentless closing of toms, gongs, and piano going full force.

Not the light, but the fire that burns (2015, rev. 2017) was written for Iktus Percussion.

 - Gilbert Galindo


Friday, May 15, 2015, 8:00 PM
RAM Presents: “Realms of Darkness and Light”
Ikuts Perucssion & pianist Julia Den Boer
Queens New Music Festival
The Secret Theatre, Long Island City, New York
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Scores and parts available from Cuicatl Publications.