RESOLVE (2010) for violin & piano

Duration: ca. 10'
Instrumentation: vl, pno

Resolve for violin & piano
    I. Let us have peace                       II. Racing Silence            III. Spiritual Healing      IV. Eternal Fortitude
                Score excerpt:                                    Score excerpt:                                Score excerpt:                                  Score excerpt:

                  Audio excerpt                                  Audio excerpt                                  Audio excerpt                                  Audio excerpt
               (Full live recording on SoundCloud)

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Program Note

...after chaos, let us have peace and resolve to continue... 

Resolve for violin and piano was written from February - September 2010 in New York and Tuscany, Italy. - Gilbert Galindo


Thursday, October 6, 2011
Random Access Music presents: "Discreet Encounters"
Joshua Modney, violin & Amir Khosrowpour, piano
The Gershwin Hotel, New York, New York
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