​SECRET NIGHTS (2011) for clarinet, violin, 'cello, & piano

Duration: ca. 10'
Instrumentation: cl, vl, vc, pno

Secret Nights for clarinet, violin, 'cello, & piano
    I. Noir enchanté                       II. Everyone's a star            III. The look in your eye      IV. Freedom is wonderful
                Score excerpt:                                    Score excerpt:                                Score excerpt:                                  Score excerpt:

                  Audio excerpt                                  Audio excerpt                                  Audio excerpt                                  Audio excerpt
               (Full live recording on SoundCloud)

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Program Note

For the nights that are yours and only yours 
Experiencing the world, only through your eyes 
Enchanting, effervescent, sweet, passionate

Secret Nights was written in 2011 for the Gotham Ensemble. - Gilbert Galindo


Friday, March 14, 2011
Random Access Music presents: "RAM Noir"
Gotham Ensemble
The Tank, New York, New York
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