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Music for Brass for brass quintet (2007)
Duration ca. 9'

1. Ancient Voice
2. Prickly Pairs
3. Alarum

Commissioned by the Lone Star Brass.

Program Notes

1. Ancient Voice

This movement focuses on the lyrical side of brass playing. Eerie and lonely melodies are accompanied by slowly pulsating buzzing sounds. With a bit of drama, it is as if the music has something to say from ancient times.

2. Prickly Pairs

Prickly pear is a metaphor for cactus in poetry, but Prickly Pairs is a play on words. You can imagine the thorns of a cactus or couples bickering with one another. The music utilizes short articulate sounds from the brass. The music begins with sparse short sounds increasing to complex short sounds that are nearly chaotic, to sparse again leading to another profuse explosion of short sounds that then die down and to end sparse and obnoxiously. A tune, from the beginning is altered, broken apart, fragmented and interspersed throughout the ensemble during the whole movement.

3. Alarum

Alarum says it. This is my version of a brass fanfare: extroverted, aggressive articulation, driving rhythms and relentless energy with a bit of respite. The music can tend to get a little chaotic and dissonant but it is all in the spirit of a quick relentless fanfare that almost hurts.



April 21, 2007, Lone Star Brass
Midland Memorial Church
Midland, Texas

Second Performance:

April 22, 2007, Lone Star Brass
First United Methodist Church
Odessa, Texas


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