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Engraving - Transcriptions - Arrangements - Lessons - Original Music

 A range of music services are provided, depending on your needs. Whether you are a composer or publishing company searching for an  engraver/copyist/proofreader, an educator or church music minister needing professional looking music worksheets or sheet music, need  an arrangement of a pop song, need a notated transcription of a recording, a nightlife promoter or performer in need of a mix for your  show or party, a student composer wanting to hone your craft in creating music, or a music ensemble or individual performer needing  original concert music, you’ll be covered.

 Score and Parts Production (Printed music)

 Utilizing professional standards with skill and accuracy, your score and/or parts will have the expert and clean look that is practical       
 and agreeable to the eyes of your performer(s), whether or not you use Finale, Sibelius, or the old fashion method of writing by hand.

    Copy Editing & Parts Extraction

  • Have your handwritten score copied and formatted into either Finale or Sibelius to prepare for performance or for whatever your needs are

  • In addition, you can choose to have your parts extracted from the score and formatted

  • PDF delivery

    Digital Score Formatting & Parts Extraction

  • Do you have score and/or parts in Finale or Sibelius that need to be cleaned? Your score and/or parts will be cleaned and formatted for consistency and readability with the appropriate page turns, cues, transpositions, and voicing.

  • PDF delivery


    After your score and/or parts are engraved and formatted, there are sure to be some pesky errors. Make your score as perfect as can be     by having them proofread by a fresh set of eyes.

  • Fine attention to detail for inaccuracies and mistakes as well as consistency in use of the engraving style 

  • Proofreading in digital or physical format

    Audio Transcriptions

  • Able to accurately notate music from recordings into Sibelius or Finale

  • All copyright permissions must be obtained

    Past clients include G. Schirmer / AMP, EAM / Schott, Eve Beglarian, Eleanor Cory, Gabriela Lena Frank, Alexandra Gardner, Missy 
    Mazzoli, and others.


ORCHESTRA SCORE (Sibelius) - "Three Reasons" (Eleanor Cory)
PIANO QUINTET SCORE (Finale)  - “Terroir” (Sean Hickey)
INSTRUMENT WITH PIANO SCORE (Finale) - "Sonata for guitar and piano" (William Bland)
PART (Finale) - "Marife Suite" (Drew Hemenger) - Trumpet 1
PART (Sibelius) - “Ekki Mukk” (Sigur Rós, arr. Missy Mazzoli) - Violin I

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 Arrangements and Orchestrations

  • Able to arrange any kind of music into a version you need

  • Produce orchestrations from piano scores or from any other arrangement

 Music Production (Club, Pop, Dance)

 If you’re a performance artist or work in nightlife and in need of a producer for your demo, mix, remix, or looking for an original track or  one that fits the style of a particular artist, your needs will be met.

    Services provided:

  • Re-mixes: can remix your original track into different styles of EDM, house, or pop

  • Set show mixes: available to create mega-mixes for your needs

  • Transcriptions: able to reproduce and/or rearrange music by ear, from a recording

  • Arrangements/Mashups

  • Demo tracks: able to quickly produce your track solely for demonstration purposes

 Music Lessons

 Music lessons are offered in the following areas in studio or via Skype:

  • Music composition/Song

  • Songwriting

  • Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone, etc.) and piano

  • Music theory & history

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 Inquire about rates (cuicatlpublications [at] gmail [dot] com)

 Original Music: Concert, Film, Club

 Available to provide original music for the concert hall, dance club, or films. Previously written concert works are also available for  licensing for your film or commercial. Contact to discuss and inquire further.

    NOTE: Serious inquiries only. After an agreement has been made, an initial payment will be paid to begin work, and the remaining balance will be     paid upon delivery of the first draft; any additional work beyond that may be negotiated further, or depending on the complexities of the project,     may be done at no additional cost. Please be advised that the resultant fee reflects the quality, time, and attention to detail that any engraved     music or creative project deserves.

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