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A Nice Winter Morning for tenor and piano (2002)


A Nice Winter Morning

A nice winter morning
So bleak and desolate
The wind howls
Rises and falls

Flat scenery
Music in the distance
Where is it coming from?
Only one can guess

It is coming from there
No there, or over there, wait!
It is not winter
It is still fall
Why then is it so cold?

It is so lonely
Lonely reflections
The Kyrie, over and over
Low voices, low haunting voices

What a lonely desolate place
So calming and so soothing
It is a place of reflection
A place of escape and feeling
Oh, take me, oh take me with you
I surrender to you for I want to be!



May 29, 2002, Free Pie V, MAB 109,
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Abby Venman, voice
Matt Leisy, tenor
Wei-han Wu, piano

Second performance:

April 15, 2004
Ben Westbrook, tenor
Wei-han Wu, piano
Music Institute of Chicago
Evanston, Illinois

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