Galindo Music

Echoes of the Divine

Echoes of the Divine


for piano quartet (2015)

Duration ca. 12'
vn, va, vc, pno


After a decidedly mixed program, it was a pleasure to leave Pianoforte with Gilbert Galindo’s Echoes of the Divine (2015) reverberating in the memory. The piano quartet takes the harmonic series as its basis, exploring resonances both sympathetic and artificial: A densely saturated opening chord becomes the foundation of sinuous, expansive solos in all four instruments. Aptly enough, the piece has something of a mystical quality, from the corona-like textures to the string chorale in the piece’s middle.

— Hannah Edgar , Chicago Classical Review


Program Note

There is wondrous freedom from love,
Imagine if you will, the highest power of the universe, the most perfect source, the grand design of existence that drives the entire cosmos, the divine essence from which everything emanates. Everything created, known, unknown, visible, and invisible reflects, mirrors, and echoes this essence by either being with it, going toward it, or going away from it. This piece reflects what may come out of the beginning chord, music that reflects, mirrors, or echoes the first sound, going along with it, going toward it, or going away from it.

 - Gilbert Galindo

Echoes of the Divine was written in 2014-2015 for the RAM Players.