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Utilizing professional standards with skill and accuracy, your score and parts will have the expert and clean look that is practical and agreeable to the eyes of your performers.

Past clients include G. Schirmer / AMP, EAM / Schott, Eve Beglarian, Eleanor Cory, Gabriela Lena Frank, Alexandra Gardner, and Missy Mazzoli.

Copy Editing & Parts Extraction

  • Have your handwritten score copied and formatted into either Finale or Sibelius

  • Parts Extraction

  • PDF delivery

Digital Score Formatting & Parts Extraction

  • Have your digital score formatted for consistency and readability with the appropriate page turns, cues, transpositions, and voicing.

  • Parts Extraction

  • PDF delivery


  • Perfect your score by having it proofread by a professional engraver.

  • Fine attention to detail for inaccuracies and mistakes as well as consistency in use of the engraving style 

  • Proofreading in digital or physical format

Audio Transcriptions

  • Able to notate music from recordings into Sibelius or Finale (all copyright permissions must be obtained)

Arrangements & Orchestrations

  • Able to arrange any genre of music

  • Produce orchestrations from piano scores or from any other arrangement

Music Production


  • Remix your original track into different styles of EDM, house, or pop

Set show mixes

  • Available to create mega-mixes


  • Able to reproduce and/or rearrange music by ear, from a recording


Demo Tracks

  • Able to quickly produce your track solely for demonstration purposes


Music Lessons

Photo by Mark Sterkel

My extensive teaching experience includes giving elementary general music and band instruction as a Teaching Artist in New York City public schools, being a guest band clinician in Texas, giving private lessons in trumpet and composition, and teaching music theory and appreciation as a graduate assistant at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Music lessons are offered in studio or via Skype.

Music composition/Song


Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone, etc.) and piano

Music theory & history