Galindo Music

Lost in the Caves

Lost in the Caves


for amplified solo bass clarinet (2008)

Duration ca. 9'
amp. b. cl.


Program Note

Unfamiliar landscapes
A night of new encounters, of new escapes
The joy, the thrill, the excitement of the unknown
Absolutely clueless
What bliss! 

 - Gilbert Galindo


Performance Notes

The bass clarinet is to be amplified. A simple amplifier may be used along with a microphone placed in front of the bass clarinet's bell; however, the amplifier must have a reverb function. Another option would be to use a software program on a laptop, with an audio interface, microphone, and speakers. The software program must be able to alter sound in a live setting, such as with Logic Pro or Ableton Live. In this case, only reverb will be added in the second half of the piece. If no amplification is available, the performer may perform the piece without amplification; however, the piece is most affective with amplification and reverb.