Galindo Music

Praise by Your Being

Praise by Your Being


for string quartet (2016)

Duration ca. 18'
2vn, va, vc




Program Note

With this quartet I decided to let my voice sing freely giving melody the spotlight and for each movement to have distinction from one another, as my past music tended to fragment melodies blurring changes and distinctions. Also, with this piece, I restored the texture of melody and accompaniment in some sections, curious as to how it will turn out after years of avoiding it, though the quartet is not without its abstract moments. The harmony is colored with modal, Americana, and jazz elements and at times spiced with modernist dissonance. What remains consistent in this piece from my other works are the intentions I have with energy and character, which are important factors in my music. I always intend to take the listener on a journey that builds, arrives, and transforms with varying levels of intensity. The main title and the movements titles used in this work are inspired by the concept of human existence as praise and gratitude for the world, creation, and the highest good. The work is 18 minutes in length.

- Gilbert Galindo