Galindo Music

Wondrous Freedom

Wondrous Freedom


for saxophone quartet (2012)

Duration ca. 4'
sp sax, a sax, t sax, b sax


Program Note

There is wondrous freedom from love,
the love that ended and left abruptly, like being called back to class after recess as a child
the love that burnt so passionately it hurt, like a romance setup in turmoil
the love that was not returned, like an iPhone that doesn’t have feelings

But then was it really love?
Is love really that fleeting?
Does love abandon you?


Love always gives without needing,
Pure love always shines, even if it’s the only light in darkness
True love is eternal, even if the whole universe ends

So then, perhaps the love you thought was love, was not love…
it was merely an intense passing infatuation…

Let it go - it was not real!
Let it go - it was temporary!
Let it go - so you can learn to be true and eternal love!

That is freedom
The freedom to truly love
And that is wondrous!

 - Gilbert Galindo

Wondrous Freedom (2012) was written for the New Thread Saxophone Quartet.


World Premiere: March 1, 2012
Seven Immediacies Series, Vol. 1
New Thread Quartet
Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn, NY